Ordered some of the parts for Grace

Most parts have been ordered now this is a ruff list of parts i bought

1 x £4.99 ABS box MB5 (maplin YN40)
1 x £2.34 16/0.2 wire 10M blue (maplin FA27)
1 x £2.54 16/0.2 wire 10M black (maplin KR31)
1 x £238.54 SPEKTRUM DX7 DSM2 2.4GHz TX (mode 2) + 2x AR6200 RX (off ebay wanted for RC modal helicopters anyway, also have a old Futaba 6 channel skysport 6 (6YG-FM40) MODE 2)

4 x £12.99 Tunigy AE-25A Brushless ESC (Replacment as out of stock of original TURNIGY Plush 25A Speed Controller ESC i orderd. cheaper but slightly heavyer by about 3g)

1 x £64.91 Arduino Mega (www.robosavvy.com)
1 x £60.84 IMU 5 Degrees of freedom IDG500/ADXL335 (www.robosavvy.com)
1 x £32.45 SparkFun - Gyro Breakout Board - IXZ500 Dual 500°/s    (NOT RECEIVED YET)

5 x £12.73 KD 2217-20T 22A 860Kv (220W) Brushless Outrunner Motor
Source: http://www.giantcod.co.uk/221720t-860kv-220w-brushless-outrunner-motor-p...

Frame parts
3 x £3.88 zinc plated pan head slotted machine screws with bolts 4x60mm (10 pack)  

2 x £5.10 aluminum box tube 10x10x1mm (1m length)
2 x £6.73 aluminum box tube 16x16x2mm (1m length)
1 x £7.07 aluminum U shape tube 20x20x20x1.5mm  (1m length)
1 x £ aluminum round tube 12x1mm  (1m length)

1 x £79.99 Phoenix R/C flight sim version 2.5 with Futaba adaptor
1 x £6.49 RC transmitter neck strap (align 3G radio sling HOS00001T