Prusa Mendel RepRap 3D printer

This page will list the progress of my Prusa Mendel RepRap 3D printer build. Its something I started working on in the christmas holidays of 2011. I Did look into it about a year or more before and was planning to build the original Darwin version

My plan is to build it out of parts i have laying around such as wood and later when the thing works print out better frame brackets and joints.


Status: so far i have about 90% of the frame built and am starting to prototype the electronics

Build log/Blog


 Image Gallery:

All images of the Prusa Mendel build


Arduino ISP bootloader problems and solutions



Official RepRap wiki

Blog for the RepRap project

Website to share your digital designs

 Build Guides

Prusa Mendel Visual Instructions PDF files

 Dimensions and drawings

600DPI, A4, print-ready images for those who are interested in wooden mendel dimensions.

engineering drawings of mendel parts

Image of all the printed parts for mendel

Metal Mendel - imaged with metric dimentions for most parts

Source of parts

 ABS or PLA Filament rolls (I not used the following yet)