This page will, as time goes on contain everything i have written using python as well as links and other usefull information.


Source code/examples

  • - Python xml reader and writer using sax. This is my first attempt at reading and writing xml files and one of the first real programs i have ever written using python. Its was written so i can later use it in the todo program im trying to write. Also i wrote these while testing just if anyone intrested.
    • todo.xml - This is what the code generates and will read. NOTE: when viewing in browser it uses my css file to to see the pure xml vies page source or just download file.
    • todo.dtd - This is a Document Type Definition i wrote (i just never got around to seeing that it works, but it should)
    • todo.css - This is a stylesheet that i wrote just to see how to use css to clean up how xml data looks in a browser

  • plugin_loader.tar.bz2 - This is a prototype i wrote that loads python plugins from within python. I wrote it so i know how its done ready for my todo application i writeing. As im learning python, i had know idea how todo this and could not find any other examples so its based around how ToDo Manager 0.75.1 works

  • Load_glade_file_test.tar.bz2 - This is just a simple python application that loads a glade file which contains a combo box, label and button. When combo box selection changed label updates to reflect these changes. The button is simply there as a close application button. I wrote this application quickly just to make sure i understand the basics of loading a glade file using python and how to gain access to all the widgets to minipulate there data


  • Dive Into Python - I found this site easier to work with to get me started than the oficial python site and its documentation. Main reason being i had examples to give me a ruff idea of how to use the commands.
  • Dive Into Python 3 -Update of dive into python for version 3
  • Python -  This is the official python site. A great site but i feel it lacks examples in the tutorial
  • Python Cookbook - The Python Cookbook is a collaborative collection of python examples and code snippets i not used it that much but looks great