This page is something I'm creating to help people and me easily find information on the PCI bus. I have started this as I'm currently researching how to build a simple PCI card and interface to it under Linux. This seems hard for an amateur to do and alot harder than working with the old ISA bus but who knows i may be able to build one if not at least the information i have gathered may be of help to someone else



Below are a list of logic gates and there truth tables

US Standard symbol for a AND gate

US Standard symbol for a AND gate.

IEC/British Standard symbol for a AND gate.

Ohm's Law is written in one of the following forms.

  1. To work out Voltage use V = I x R
  2. To work out Current use I = V / R
  3. To work out Resistance use R = V / I

The units used are:

Symbol Prefix Factor Meaning
Y Yotta 1024 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Z Zetta 1021
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